• Our services can become the foundation for all of your IR, corporate communications and investor awareness programs.
• We help you to increase shareholder value and add long term investors to your shareholder’s database.
• We know how to do it: 17 years of experience.

Products Solutions
IR Research Reports Foundation for all corporate communication, IR, PR. capital raising.
Cohen Financial and Valuation Model 700,000 cells in excel. Our Financial Research Engine.
Distribution To hundreds of thousands of potential investors.
Distribution leverages Cohen Research's report from our massive distribution network We help spread the word about the latest analysis of your company.
Pre Public Capital Structure We will build your pre-public SEC compliant corporation documents and capital structure. We create shares outstanding, issued, authorized, advise on pre-public vehicles, assumed stock prices, pre public valuations, etc.
Business Plans A must to help you raise capital.
Build your Master Budget Helps you run your company.
Raising Capital and Business Plans Reports and Business Plans help you to raise capital, creates price targets and valuations.
Quarterbacking campaigns Reaches millions of investors. Other investment awareness firms are selected from our in-house investment awareness firms monitoring system.
Creative Emailer Designs
ped creative
The Industry’s only Creative forecasting five year growth estimates and price targets.
Consulting Guides your business.
Grass Roots Research Client

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