Business Plans are an art. Our team will work with your team. In our view, Business Plans are an absolute must for a client company’s raising capital, starting a new company, creating a spinoff, banking and brokerage relationships, reverse mergers, PIPEs, listings and other corporate purposes.

Business Plans need to follow an academically accepted template. Over the years we have written reports on just about every industry group. We do the same financial modeling in our Business Plans as we do in our IR Reports and Master Budgets. They are at the highest level of academic securities analysis.

Once written, we can convert a Business Plan into one of our IR Research Reports. We then combine it with massive distribution to gain investment awareness.

Each Business Plan is customized for the client’s needs. We ask our client companies to submit our Request for Materials which becomes the foundation for analyzing their business and writing their Business Plan. We work hand in hand with each client company, giving them the final editing rights. The more professional the Business plan, the better. Ours are elite, state of the art.

Business Plans

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