IR Research Reports

  • In the first 3, 4 or 5 pages of our IR Research Reports, we summarize the investment. This allows any short term trader or long term investor to quickly understand the heart of the investment concept.

    1. The first page reproduces the stock’s statistics, the Investment Thesis and Price Target.
    2. The second or fourth page normally forecasts the company’s 5 year forecast including sales and margin analysis
    3. The Cohen Price Target which includes our DCF (Discounted Cash Flow Model) is calculated and also displayed on the second page
    4. The third page is our Executive Summary, the bottom line concept of the investment. It includes our valuation.

The Cohen Research Culture

Report Features

After our first 3 or 4 pages, we begin our comprehensive, in depth presentation of the company. The normal length of our reports is 30+pages. A few are more than 200 pages. Sometimes a company wants us to write their definitive corporate study. We will do that. This includes many graphs, charts, discussion of the industry, how the company fits into its industry, market demand, competition, value proposition, corporate structure, financial analysis, pictures of products, distribution of products, detailed discussion of the important constructs an investor needs to understand. We are both educators and analysts. Our reports are written by a worldwide team of highly credentialed analysts.

We have created a general template that requires our team of analysts to follow. While each analyst has latitude for his/her creativity, the template demands that required discussion and analysis is completed. In that way, the quality remains at the highest level of securities analysis. Our team’s goal is singular: maintain our high standard and improve. We continually raise the bar. That is what the Cohen Research Culture is all about.

We ask our client companies to edit our rough draft. In that way, both parties are satisfied of the content. When the client company signs off of the edited final report, we will issue it on our website and distribute it to thousands of investors if that is part of our assignment. We receive payment by cash, Rule 144 stock or both.

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  • We are the Worldwide Gold Standard of Micro Cap and Small Cap IR Research Reports. Click to Penny Stock Market
  • The Cohen Brain Trust: Our team of outside contracted analysts has been chosen from CFAs, MBAs, CPAs, PhDs, MDs, and Industry Experts
  • Over the years we have written 1,000+ Reports. We are the elite in our Industry.
  • Our massive distribution brings your message to hundreds of thousands of interested investors and current shareholders
  • The Cohen Research Culture. Excellence. Reports are between 15 and 225 pages.
  • The Cohen Financial and Valuation Model, our research engine, allows us to create in depth financial analysis including price targets and valuations.

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