The Cohen Financial and Valuation Model is our research engine. Paul Cohen built the Model 10 years ago. The Model is extraordinary. It totals roughly 700,000 cells in excel. It is divided into two models because it blew out excel. Brilliant people at the PhD, CFA, CPA and MBA levels have added to the original model. The Model incorporates various constructs from the CFA and CPA examinations. Our team has developed our own proprietary formulas and metrics. Certain metrics in the academic community are named after Paul Cohen.

The Model is powered by our Driver Sheet that includes 268 rows. We forecast just about everything. The Model’s output calculates multiple financial conclusions including many different charts and graphs. The beauty of the Model is that we can change our forecasts to changing realities of a given company. We also use our Model for writing Business Plans, Master Budgets, structuring pre-public deals, analyzing PIPEs, reverse mergers etc. We do it all.

We can take any company private or public, input its essential financials, and calculate the analysis and conclusions the Model concludes. We have also developed sub-models for various industries. As an example, our oil and gas model is used to input financial metrics from just about any energy company. The Model outputs the final financial metrics and conclusions. There are more than 30 different valuation methodologies. We are valuations specialists. We believe the securities analysis of our Model and research documents are at the highest academic standards.

Click for one partial exibit from our model

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